FAG 23192K.MB Spherical Roller Bearing
  • FAG 23192K.MB Spherical Roller Bearing
  • FAG 23192K.MB Spherical Roller Bearing
  • FAG 23192K.MB Spherical Roller Bearing

FAG 23192K.MB Spherical Roller Bearing

FAG 23192K.MB Spherical Roller Bearing
Product parameters
size: 460*760*240 mm
weight: 446 kg
brand: FAG
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                                            FAG 23192K.MB Spherical Roller Bearing

I. Spherical roller bearing have two race between inner ring and groove for spherical outer ring, equipped with cylindrical roller bearing.

   Spherical roller bearing  can limit the shaft or the shell axial displacement in the range of axial clearance of bearing.Large radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load and impact load.Inner circle diameter is tapered bore , it can be installed directly and convenient.

    Spherical roller bearing is widely used in metallurgy, mill, mining, oil, paper making, cement, sugar, etc.

II. Let us check the main data of FAG 23192K.MB Spherical Roller Bearing:

      Brand : FAG

     Original : Germany

     Type : Spherical Roller Bearing

     Item : 23192K.MB 2RS

     Inner : 460 mm

     Outner : 760 mm

     Thickness : 240 mm

     Weight : 446 kg

III.  The similar Spherical Roller Bearing :

23038CAK 2324/W33 230/560K 23296CA/W33
23038CAK/33 23234K 230/560K/W33 23296CAK
23038 23234K/W33 230/600CA 23296CAK/W33
23038/W33 23236CA 230/600CA/W33 23296
23038K 23236CA/W33 230/X600CAK 23296/W33
23038K/W33 23236CAK 230/600CAK/W33 23296K
23040CA 23236CAK/W33 230/600 23296K/W33
23040CA/W33 23236 230/600/W33 232/500CA
23040CAK 23236/W33 230/600K 232/500CA/W33
23040CAK/W33 23236K 230/600K/W33 232/500CAK
23040 23236K/W33 230/630CA 232/500CAK/W33
23040/W33 23238CA 230/630CA/W33 232/500
23040K 23238CA/W33 230/630CAK 232/500/W33
23040K/W33 23238CAK 230/630CAK/W33 232/500K
23044CA 23238CAK/W33 230/630 232/500K/W33
23044CA/W33 23238 230/630/W33 232/530CAK30/33
23044CAK 23238/W33 230/630K 232/60CA
23044CAK/W33 23238K 230/630K/W33 232/600CA/W33
23044 23238K/W33 230/750CA 232/600CAK
23044/W33 23240CA 230/750CA/W33 232/600CAK/W33
23044K 23240CA/W33 230/750CAK 232/600K/W33
23044K/W33 23240CAK 23060CA 23252CAK/W33
23048CA 23240CAK/W33 23060CA/W33 23252
23048CA/W33 23240 23060CAK 25252/W33
23048CAK 23240/W33 23060CAK/W33 25252K
23048CAK/W33 23240K 23060 23252K/W33
23048 23240K/W33 23060/W33 23256CA
23048/W33 23244CA 23060K 23256CA/W33
23048K 23244CA/W33 23060KW33 23256CAK
23048K/W33 23244CAK 23062CA 23256CAK/W33
23052CA 23244CAK/W33 2364CA 23256
23052CA/W33 23244 23064A/W33 23256/W33
23052CAK 23244/W33 23064CAK 23256K
23052CAK/W33 23244K 23064CAK/W33 23256K/W33
23052 23244/W33 23064 23260CA
23052/W33 23248CA 23064/W33 23260CA/W33  
23052K 23248CA/W33 23064K 23260CAK

Note: we can supply MB,CA,CC,E,CCK,CAK cage Spherical Roller Bearings.

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According to costomer's requirements
Delivery is 7 days upon confirmation of purchasing order and advance payment,whichever is late.

According to costomer's requirements

Telegraphic Transfer

Western Union

(30% advance , 70% upon copy original BL.)

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