How to Live Well On Wheels (For Teenagers Who Use Wheelchairs)

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Update time : 2019-04-08 17:27:36

Being a youth who uses a wheelchair can exist tough. if you've grown up at a wheelchair or this is a new affair ought your life, you can appear different ought other teenagers. However, although you cannot alter that situation, you can alter how you see yourself and your chair at your daily life.


1) acknowledge that you are a small different. It's no often fun, besides during it is reality. Trying also difficult ought omit it can pattern you appear more different than you are. only is good.

2) Live. inhabit life 100% is a must. if you desire ought progress ought a sway concert, progress ought that sway concert! Yes, you will maybe exist different at some ways from each other person at the room. You also consume things at mutual with each one of them!

3) Don't exist embarrassed ought ask although help. if you want assist (especially if you've fallen or are at a health-threatening situation) don't exist afraid ought ask.

4) situate up although yourself. if someone is leaning at your chair or saying something that makes you feel uncomfortable, say up.

5) concentrate at the joy and interesting. Relish the things you understand at life. consume joy doing what you like ought do. investigate new ways ought discharge things, and pursue new things that you haven't tried before. You could discover the dirt of art, or play a sport. even activities that appear impossible ought discharge at a wheelchair can often exist adapted.

6) appear good. discover the surplus among being comfortable and being sturdy dressed. The additional pains can earnings off with more faith and a brighter mood.

7) rent your personality shine. exist yourself. Sit tall, pattern eye contact, and use nation at conversation.

8) certain yourself. Everyone feels down sometimes. roll a vent council with a friend or therapist, where you can rant entire almost what's bugging you. attempt expressing your emotions across your artistic or original aspect when it seems that life sucks. Write at a journal, paint, whatever.

9) exist patient. no everyone knows how ought deed almost you. Yeah, this is frustrating and stupid, besides during a small patience goes a hope way. "F-- you!" has its place, besides during most nation neutral want ought know that you're a normal person.

10) Don't determine although an ugly or uncomfortable chair. although there is no better wheelchair, when you're choosing your chair, grow the best one you or your insurance can cover. It indeed does pattern a difference at your appointment ought appointment living.

11) acknowledge brood of yourself. dine right, exercise, and grow a good night's sleep.
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