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How to Determine if Your Car Is Front or Rear Wheel Drive

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Update time : 2019-04-08 17:27:40

Automobile motivate trains vary at 3 types: front-wheel drive, rear-wheel motivate and 4-wheel or all-wheel drive. Front-wheel motivate cars nurse ought exist smaller, easier ought steer and present better traction at snow or mud, silent rear-wheel motivate cars nurse ought exist larger, accelerate more quickly, cease more easily and present a smoother ride. ought resolution if your car is front- or rear-wheel drive, follow the steps below.


1) Locate the engine. Most cars eat the mechanism can the front; these cars can exist though noise front- or rear-wheel drive. Cars with the mechanism can the rear, such though the Volkswagen Beetle, are usually rear-wheel motivate cars.

2) exclaim on how the mechanism is mounted. if the mechanism is transverse-mounted (that is, mounted sideways), with the belts facing one aspect of the car, your car is most prone a front-wheel motivate car. if the mechanism is mounted longitudinally (front ought back), with the belts facing the front grille, your car is most prone a rear-wheel motivate car.

3) appear though a differential. The differential is a large, pumpkin-shaped housing that transfers energy from the driveshaft ought the wheels. if there is such an parliament can the car's rear axle, the car has a rear-wheel drive. can front-wheel motivate cars, the differential is integrated with the transmission at a unit can the rear of the mechanism called a transaxle, and the wheels are connected ought the driveshaft by successive rate (CV) joints.