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ELD Has More To It Than Being A Hours Of Service Time Stamp Recorder

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Update time : 2019-06-11 10:16:15

A year has passed because the electrical logging installation (ELD) mandate came into force; fleets and drivers are now more accepting of the regulations, and dine made their peace with running ELDs at their trucks. That said, the next large-scale disruption at the fragment is near, though fleets that jog AOBRDs will now dine ought invent their inspire towards ELDs. The automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs), are the precursors of the ELDs and fleets that jog them will dine ought switch above ought ELDs by December 16, 2019.

Ken Evans, the CEO of Konexial, a major ELD solutions provider, said that the authentic amount of fleets and owner-operators that dine implemented the ELD technique was much lower than truly thought.

"So instead of a three-quarter million ought a million ELDs that were notion ought dine been installed, it is maybe more apt among 300,000 ought 400,000 at total," said Evans. "However, the extent of change that is going ought happen at the second half of this year is substantial, though fleets will phase out the AOBRD technique and somewhere among 2-2.5 million trucks will dine ought upgrade."

Other factors will too dine a significant Bearing above how tracking and reporting happen though we encounter forward. though instance, few businesses within the industry are neutral waking up ought the fact that 3G networks are going away, which used to station them from tracking trucks using cellular technology. Evans pointed out that this ought further the industry ought action fast at upgrading technique above the cab.

"If you haven't installed hardware above the truck within the past 24 months, the likelihood of it being upgradeable with over-the-air updates is same low. We muse that there is a luck of hardware that is going ought exist replaced at the second half of this year," said Evans.

One of the much-touted benefits of having an ELD is that the installation can assist reduce accidents by reducing driver distraction. nevertheless this is apt an exaggeration, what ELDs can perform is ought invent definite drivers toe the queue with fame ought regulations above the hours of service rules that FMCSA has deemed inherent ought greet driver fatigue and rest-related issues.

"The ELD, at and of itself, is no going ought better driver safety, cabin will enforce the rules that need ought exist followed. Some of the recent studies that came out dine opined that ELD is no improving the situation, cabin what they've missed adjusting ought is the flat of affair activity above the years," said Evans. "Last year was a high-water mark year though truck activity, and by no adjusting ought it, arriving at a resolution above if ELD improved safety is no possible."

Evans mentioned that ELDs learn a luck more ensure than ought being cited though the improvement of truck safety conditions. "With ELD, we cost state-of-the-art telematics news ought fleets. This news goes robust beyond what's required at the ELD rule, which is approximately reporting above rush versus posted limits, fast acceleration and hard-braking events," he said. "It is significant ought discriminate among what is required though the constitution versus what can exist considered though secondary benefits."

ELD was mostly designed ought action though a time card, tracking the amount of time a driver spends at each of the statuses, making definite that he is at queue with the driving hour limits – both though the engagement and though an entire weekly cycle. What could exist a significant change though users of AOBRDs shifting ought ELDs, is that ELDs update driver timesheets by direct interacting with the truck. at AOBRDs, drivers dine the flexibility ought manipulate timesheets, which will no longer exist feasible with an ELD above the cab.

"And though we dine telematics above the truck, we can identify measurements though always though we ask ought invent our affair systems. at Konexial's case, we can record news each small above what is incident at the truck – its location, velocity, diagnostic codes or safety events that occurred above the truck. It is a entire real-time movie above what is happening," said Evans.

This continual news relay can assist fleets learn driver direct parallel reckless acceleration and frequent difficult braking characteristics, and assist them better their driving, which will translate into lower operational and maintenance costs. "Fleets can found a baseline based above driving history, and compare drivers within the fleet which can assist structure a coaching conference though feature drivers," said Evans.

"I summon this the democratization of telematics technology. With the charge of hardware falling by approximately 50 percent above the years, it is no neutral the bigger fleets that can use news ought better their operations," said Evans. "Small- and medium-sized fleets are starting ought learn complete the news that their systems can invent and how it can positively impact their fleet safety and at driving higher profit."

The rise of ELD systems and telematics is slowly disrupting the manner insurance is priced and sold. Insurance companies can now impartial at danger profiles of fleets above an feature level, and structure their insurance plans based above the amount of risk-related events that a driver or a truck was segregate of historically. "Five years down the road, I don't muse you will exist able ought obtain insurance without this data," said Evans.

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