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TIMKEN Bearing Maintenance Method

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Update time : 2015-03-04 20:57:18

1, TIMKEN bearing grease lubrication:

The refinancing of the TIMKEN bearing is preferably carried out during the planned downtime and is regularly replenished, while the old grease is removed or the old grease is squeezed through the drain hole.

Before adding fresh grease, the grease should be wiped clean. If the bearing housing does not have a grease nipple, open the bearing cover or end cap so that the old grease can be removed and cleaned with the same type of fresh grease.

2, TIMKEN bearing lubricating oil lubrication:

Regularly check the oil level and oil, in general, the normal oil level should be equipment oil level window or marked within the 1 / 3-2 / 3 range.

Filling the way for the oil cup, which shows the oil level, only on behalf of the fuel capacity, and bearing tank oil level, is to meet the operational requirements, oil cup oil level below its total volume of 1/4, oil.

Check and fill the oil method, remove a small amount of lubricating oil as a sample, and fresh lubricants for comparison, have the ability to units, may consider the oil quality test to ensure oil quality qualified.

TIMKEN bearings If the sample looks cloudy, then, may be mixed with the results of water, that is, we often say that the oil emulsification, this time, should be replaced with lubricants.
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